Super Magic Princess - Glory Kingdom Saga - Free Mobile Edition التعليقات التطبيق


This game has very good (2D) graphics for sure! The gameplay was hard to figure out but I eventually figured it out.

Fun game

It is a great game, highly recommend!

Not an awesome game

The tutorial is a picture of two hands. Doesn't explain much. I hate ads. I can stand them when they are strategically placed as to interfere minimally with gameplay - these are not. Sounds are cool, and the graphics are cool, in a 2d, paper Mario princess kind of way, but the game isn't that great.

Great game for endless fun

I enjoy playing this game and trying to best my high score. Easy concept so you can jump right in and play

Perfect Games For Girls

Fun game with fun graphics, characters and sounds. Overall, the game play needs a little work as it took us a while to figure out how to properly play the game.

Great runner game

This game us cute, fun and entertaining! Great for younger girls!

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